Monday, May 31, 2010

You are 934 calories over your goal.

My parents came into town for the weekend and we had a great time. My mother however is the proverbial home chef and made spaghetti. Then she made sandwiches, and well no excuse here but, we had Snicker's Ice cream. My final tally was 2971 calories. 52% from carbs. My step dad and I spent all day (like 11 hours) building my spoiled kid a swing set. It's pretty massive and even after all that time it's still not completely done but I'm within a few hours of completion. My best buddy is throwing a BBQ today for memorial day so probably gonna slam some calories today too. I'll at least cut down on the carbs. Time permitting I'll knock out a run tonight too after I study.

Week one of the diet is in the books. Total weight loss even with my mom's spaghetti is five pounds. There isn't much going on at work this week so hopefully I can sneak out and make better exercises and food choices and at least hit another five pounds of weight loss this week as well. The goal for now is 165. I may actually go down to 160. When I get to 165 I'll see how I look, feel, and perform.

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