Friday, May 07, 2010

Day 5 - Legs and Back

This was a pretty decent workout but it's not nearly as intense as the first three days. It really feels like the need to make the total workout time uniform with the other workouts and to have a variety of moves detracts from the actual workout. I guess if you called it "Pull-ups n' Lunges" it would be hard to sell. Many of the moves were just stretched out over too long of a period of time. Sometimes if you kept in sync with Tony's minions you would be doing one rep every 3-4 seconds for like 2 minutes as opposed to knocking the whole set out in 45 seconds. The wall squats kinda felt like a punishment as. Sorry Tony I'll stop making fun of your soup jokes just let me get up. The three way lunge with the little ninja kick, sneaky lunges, toe roll isos, and groucho walks reeeeeally seemed like a waste of time to me. On the sneaky lunges I really have no idea what the point of putting your hands up is except to increase said sneakyness. I think next week when I do this day I'll do some actual squats with the free weights during the previously mentioned excersises. Whoever the blonde chick is a kiss ass. Your a dancer we get it stop doing the little florishes and toe pointy things during excersises. The only thing more powerful than Tony's humor is my mute button. Mute + radio = better workout.

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