Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sneaky Ass Burrito

I've been doing pretty well with the low carb thing and it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I've had at least 40% of my calories from protein everyday and made sure that my carbs were as low as possible. Kinda got hosed today because I ordered a chicken burrito not realizing that it had rice in it. Oh well. That thing alone was 47 carbs. Despite this I came in at 930 calories for the day. I ran 4 miles in 36 minutes this morning and according to that's around 700 calories so I think it will be alright. Just before bedtime I knocked out another 3.3 in 30 minutes with my vibram fivefingers so that I can keep working on my form and strengthen up my calves. put that at another 550 calories burned. I think this is a bit optimistic being how this puts me at a total of -300 calories for the day, but whatever I'm just a dumb pilot.
It's probably mostly due to the run but I do notice that the more carbs I eat the hungrier I am. With meals that are high protein I have the urge to eat more but it passes after about 10 minutes. It seems like carbs just burn off faster and leave me less full. I'm down about 4 pounds so far but I suspect that most of that may be water weight. Once the week is up I'll see what the actual results are. Despite the lower calories I felt stronger running today than I have in a long time. The barefoot running is getting easier too. I still have to watch my form to keep my feet from slapping but the form is feeling more and more natural. The first run I did barefoot left my calves shredded before I even stopped running. As I sit here writing this I just finished my longest barefoot run to date and I can report no pain. Well back on the P90X wagon tomorrow.

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