Sunday, May 02, 2010

P90X Reboot Day 1 - Chest and Back

So I got to day 22 of P90X and I have decided to start over. Some stuff came up at work and as a result I missed three straight days of working out. Also I just received my set of adjustable dumbbells. Previously I was picking up plates from my free weight set. This resulted in either not having enough weight or the movements just being awkward. This iteration I’m also going to change the routine up a bit.

For starters Yoga is gay. Like strawberry waffles gay. I’m sure if I gave it a chance I’d probably get something out of it, but its just soooooo boring. I mean it is an hour and a half of just standing or kneeling in weird positions. It’s not a workout it’s just uncomfortable. My ADD starts kicking in about 15 minutes into it and I’ve never managed to make it past the 45 minute mark. “Warrior 2 to sunshine, to downward dog, to backward duck, now slowly transition into upward decepticon. Now exhale.” No thanks Tony.

The other workout I’m replacing is the Kenpo. It’s just really not a big deal. I tried it this last week while holding 5 pound plates and the first 20 minutes of punches were a smoker but as soon as the kicking starts it really mellows out and just makes me feel like I’m playing ninjas or something. Also like Fitbomb pointed out the guy that “invented” the workout Wesley or whatever his name is in the back is pretty squishy. Soooo what am I really doing it for? Yoga, Kenpo, and rest day will now become run days. I despise running in the way that fat Jewish kids hate Nazi carrots. It is the devil. However it is a job requirement that I must be proficient in this ability so I need to pay my due diligence. Plus I can get a better workout from running a few miles than an hour and a half of yoga or made for TV ninja training so why wouldn’t I?

I did Chest and Back today. It was a smoker but I think I did OK. Ab ripper X was brutal as always but at least I’m getting 95% of the reps and my hatred of the dancer guy with the dreads is simmering down. I mean have a little trouble with at least one rep you selfish bastard. I complained to my wife about him and she made me feel MUCH better. “Ya but look at his body! It’s gorgeous! You should do what he’s doing.” Thanks honey couldn’t keep that one in your head could you?

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