Thursday, December 30, 2010

Faster, Stronger, Cheaper

So I'm back. Now if anyone actually read these posts I know what the assumption would be since my blog basically was set adrift across cyberspace with no one manning it anymore. The assumption would be that I gave up on P90X and got fat and lazy. Such is not the case....For the most part. Basically what happened is that work began to have mandatory workouts in the morning that were basically worthless. The time lost in the morning compounded with the time constraints of RL progression (getting trained up for my job) ensured that I would no longer to be able to maintain my previous workout plan.

The current situation isI have kept the weight off and I'm in pretty reasonable shape at the moment. I trained for and completed the Outer Banks marathon in November, which is pretty sweet but the problem is I haven't done much since then. RL progression is over and I need a new workout goal. Even though no one reads this blog I find that I am much more consistent when I maintain it.

So the plan is still under construction but I plan on doing a mix of P90X, running, and a much larger amount of weight training. I liked the result from the P90X but I'd like to incorporate more weight training and perhaps play with some cross-fit. So this will be a largely experimental cycle and if it's not working out I'll go back to pure P90X.

My second goal is to better manage my money and investments this hear. I read a book called I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi . It sounds like a scam from the title but basically it's just a book about budgeting and investing. Step one for January is to get my household's spending under control. I spent a good portion of yesterday forming a budget and exploring where I could cut expenses.

Verizon: cut $26 off my bill. They offer a military discount of 15% and I reduced my minutes from 1400 to 700 and cut off a charge for the navigation feature.

Auto Insurance: Cut off $27. I still have full coverage but moved some stuff around.

Direct TV: Cut off $15 by eliminating a couple channels I don't ever watch and turning in a reciver that we never watch.

Everything else I've set a budget for. I looked at how much money I spend on fast food and that alone would dramatically help both my financial and fitness goals. If we can stick to the spending goals I've set out in January, I'm gonna start investing the saved money in February. I'm deciding if I wanna pay down my loans or begin investing.