Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Whatever the Fuck it is

Let's start with a little fun with math: new baby + sick toddler + wife with stitches = workouts being a very low priority. The newest member of my clan has settled right into the his place of sleeping and playing with my wife's boobs but my oldest boy has had some issues over the last few days. He's been pretty sick and he is not happy about it. I'm still off work for maternity or paternity or whatever kinda free 10 days off work that I get for popping out another tax deduction. We really, really don't want a sick infant so we've kinda half-assed segregated the house. I have been taking care of the toddler and my wife has been dealing with the toddler. As a result I've had a sick kid on my lap about 12 hours a day. I managed to put him in the a running stroller I bought off craigslist for $20 (score!)for 3 miles earlier this week and today I ran with my buddy at Raven Rock for 5 miles.

The Raven Rock run was a smoker! We did a differ ant trail and the entire way is roots and rocks. Add the fact that you are very rarely on level ground and it destroyed me. The entire run your either climbing or descending. I faded pretty badly for the last half mile of climbing but whatever. I've hardly ran for the last few weeks. Both my wife and son seem to be feeling fairly chipper now though so I'm planning on getting back on schedule tomorrow. This actually coincides with the end of the rest week for P90X. With the break I don't think I've made any real progress from days 30 to 60 but hey I got a baby out of the deal so it's not that bad of a deal.

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