Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 50 - Chest and Back + Ab Rippa

Week 8 has started and this is supposed to be a recovery week, but since I missed most of last week due to my new son's birth I'm gonna get some work in. I did Chest & Back since I hadn't done that workout in a while and it delivered. I really enjoy the simplicity of this workout and it continues to be my favorite. There are hardly any weights, no crazy moves, just push and pull your body weight around til it hurts. I made very small gains since the last time I did this. Maybe like 2-3 reps per exercise. But hey make small gains every week and they turn into a big gain. As for ab ripper X, well nothing I haven't already said except I'm glad it's not every day. I'm not working this week so, baby permitting, I'm gonna work in some running and power lifting in addition to the P90X stuff.

If your getting bored or need more motivation try this little trick. If your using an excel spreadsheet to track your workouts like I am, then somewhere below the reps column add up the total numbers of push ups and pull ups that you do every week. It'll be something like "Sum(D1,D2,D4,D5)". It helps give you a big picture for the whole workout and makes you feel like you did alot of work.

My results today: (Not including heavy pants, lawn mowers and back flys)
Push Ups: 343
Pull Ups: 55

At this point I'm still tracking my calories and eating low carbs but it's not really a diet so much as how I'm going to eat from now on. I don't really care if I exceed my calorie goals or if I sneak some sweets from time to time but I no actively choose to avoid sugar, bread, potatoes, pastas, and rice. When I avoid these foods and eat high quality protein I can't eat too many calories. It's simply not possible to overeat when your that full. I had some small 190 calorie fillet Mignon steaks yesterday. One hundred and ninety calories and that includes the bacon that wraps it up. Try eating over 2000 calories of lean steak and broccoli. I dare you. You could eat 10 of those little steaks and 3 cups of broccoli and you would be at 2005 calories. Well til you threw up from having over 2 pounds of beef in your stomach. I started out at 177.8 pounds and now I'm holding pretty steady at 166 pounds. I may play around with what I'm eating a bit to cut the last bit of fat but honestly if I just stay around 14% body fat like I am now forever I can live with that.

Push Ups: So easy a monkey can do them. Ya know before it freaks out and rips your face off.

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