Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 38 - Back and Biceps

My biceps are done right now but my back feels OK. I managed a few gains on this iteration of the workout but nothing crazy. Mostly just an extra 10 pounds on the sets or a few extra reps. I did 22 pull-ups the first set and was down to maxing out at 6 by the end so I'd say I'm pretty smoked. My arms are still pretty weak compared to my back but they did improve a bit. Looking forward to seeing what happens next week when I do this workout.

Ab ripper X sucked as always but it is getting more fluid at least. I tried to get 30 reps on all the things that asked for 25 up until obliques. Those are still pretty tough for me.

I'm getting pretty tired of Tony's filibustering. Now that I know all the moves and my cardio is improved enough that I'm not panting on the floor after each set I find myself wishing Tony would shut up and get on with it. Next week I may have to make use of the fast forward button. Yoga is tomorrow but I'm just gonna run instead.

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