Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 36 - Chest, Back, and Triceps

So week 6 of P90X has officially started and I did my second workout of Chest, Back and Triceps. The workout went better than last week and although I've always regarded my shoulders as being pretty week they seem to be coming along nicely. I saw small improvements across the board on every exercises but nothing crazy. Sometime this week if I'm feeling antsy I'm curious to do Chest and Back from the first week. Tomorrow is supposed to be plyometrics but I think I'll go back up to Raven Rock and run 4-5 miles and then maybe knock out plyometrics later on in the day. I have Monday off from work so my energy level will be the determining factor as opposed to my schedule.

So I got a call from my sister today asking about P90X and I'm very excited for her. Both my mom and sister are going to try using the system and I am doing everything I can to motivate them to carry their ambitions through. I know that both of them are nervous about it being too intense but if they just stick with it for a few weeks they are going to have incredible gains. It motivates and excites me to see how it works out for my sister in particular. I could hear the motivation in her voice. That motivation combined with the fact that she used to be a pretty solid athlete in high school promises some pretty dramatic results. We have a deal that if she makes it to day 30 and gives it an honest shot then I can't make fun of her. I'm counting on the fact that if, scratch that, When she makes it to day 30 the results will be enough to motivate her to finish. However, if she doesn't make it that far then she gets to be forever branded a quitter and she has to post on facebook that she has a foot fetish. (She hates feet)

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