Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 35 - Half-Assed Cardio/Recovery

My buddy and I wen to Raven Rock State park this morning and ran some trails for 3.75 miles. The pace was relatively slow since both of us were feeling relatively beat up, but a strange thing happened during the run. I actually enjoyed running. I've been running for years, mostly forced to by work, but I don't think I've every actually enjoyed running. The whole run I didn't feel any pain in my feet or knees and I just enjoyed the feeling of soft dirt under my feet and the forest scenery around me. The trail started out with some gravel which was kind of painful to run on with vibram fivefingers, but about a half mile in it turned to softer dirt. The entire first half of the trail was a gradual climb until you reach an scenic overlook with a great view of the river valley.

Further down the trail there are some stairs that take you down the face of the cliff. The rock walls were pretty fun to poke around in and the stairs themselves were a smoker to run up. It's been along time since I ran off the pavement, with no time schedule and no where that I had to get to after the run. All in all a good recovery run.

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