Monday, October 24, 2011


Lower Body - 1 Mile run fast pace. Begin run with 20 air squats and stop for 20 air squats every quarter mile.

Pyramids – 150 lbs consisting of 5 and 10 pound plates. Executed maximum reps until weight was racked. Partner dropped one plate from each side. Maximum reps. Repeat until you are only lifting the bar. Once your down to the bar, add one plate at a time until you reach your one rep maximum. Rest between sets should not exceed 10 seconds.

I did this workout with a friend of mine. I feel like there is still a lot of gas in my tank but I already know that since I haven't been active, I'm going to be sore from it. My biggest focus is a gradual increase in work to avoid injury and fatigue. The biggest issue is I don't want to miss missions because I'm overdoing anything. I'll transition to more intense workouts as time and progress allow. During the air squats I could still feel the previous air squat workout. I'm surprised how out of shape I am.

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