Thursday, October 20, 2011

The New Hotness

So I'm deployed again. Once more I've taken "a little time off" and allowed myself to get pretty out of shape. About this time last year I was in peak condition and completed a marathon while still retaining a pretty decent amount of strength. Here on deployment I simply don't have the time or space to get back into distance running. Not to mention when I do go running it either has to be on a treadmill or next to giant army vehicles spewing pollution. It's questionable if running here does more harm or good to my lungs. Shortly after returning from this deployment I have aspirations of joining a different unit, so with that in mind I have very specific fitness goals.

Bench Press 1.5 X BW
Push Ups (2 Minutes) > 100
Sit Ups (2 Minutes) > 100
2 Mile Run < 13:30
5 Mile Run < 40:00
10 Mile Run < 90:00
12 Mile Ruck with 40 lbs < 2:45
Pull Ups > 20

The biggest issue however is to avoid injury. I don't want to ride the bench because I was reckless with my training. Aside from my fitness goals I have very specific aviation goals for this deployment as well. These goals actually over ride the fitness ones.

With all this in mind I'm trying a new fitness approach. I found a program called SEALfit that is basically crossfit with a greater emphasis on endurance. The first 5 weeks are body weight only and then there are 8 weeks of mixed training following that.

Day 1 - Intro to Air Squats
Warm-up: Watch video and practice 25 squats.
Work Capacity: Perform 5-sets of 20-reps with a 200 meter run
after each set. Log your time to track your results.
Cool Down: 1-mile walk and long stretch.
Coaching Notes: The air squat is performed with feet at shoulder
width apart, heels firmly planted into the ground, extend your arms
directly in front of you and pretend someone is pulling on your
wrists. Now push your bottom slightly backward and sit down
without bending your back. Keep your lumbar arch engaged and
tight, keep your heels firmly planted, get your hips below the knee
line. At the bottom wiggle your toes to ensure your weight is on
your heels.
Upon standing, stand up in an explosive movement and push your
hips slightly into hyper-extension. Full depth, open hips at the top,
engaged lumbar arch and firmly planted heels is the key.

This workout only took about 10 minutes, which is good because I woke up late, but it was still tougher than I thought it would be. I tried to keep good form and to run at a good pace. I saved the warmup 25 squats for the end to drive the nail in the coffin. I think this was a little light as a workout but my thighs are still burning so we shall see.

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