Thursday, July 01, 2010

Two runs and a Nap

I've been in the Army since 1997 and for some reason I still get nervous before a PT test or a unit run. We could be doing one mile at a 10 minute pace and I'd still get a little antsy before the run. On Tuesday my Squadron conducted a four mile run in 34 minutes. Pretty darn easy run, but the reason we did it is because the entire brigade did the same run about five weeks ago and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of the unit fell out. On Tuesday's run I'd guess it was about the same percentage that failed again. There was really no chance of me falling out unless I somehow got injured but for whatever reason I still get nervous. I just never wanna be "that guy" that the commander is making the speech about. After the run I felt basically warmed up to go on an actual run. About five weeks ago the same run and pace was still not terribly difficult but it was more challenging than it was on Tuesday. It feels nice to see some solid progress from all the work I'm putting in.

I ended up working until about 2 AM on Wednesday and so no fitness training was conducted but I put my boy in the running stroller and did somewhere in the neighborhood of four miles tonight. The wifey is feeling pretty salty so she's going to try and do some P90X with me in the morning. That should be some fun family time.


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